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What I liked the most is how fast he was able to fix the problem. Yes I was not able to get my computer to connect to my other computer that I need it to share file from. Ricardo did a remote connection to my computer and started to work on it after he was done working on that computer he connect to my other computer and got them both to work not I can share my movie and music between computers. He was very quick and did not over charge. I would recommend him to all my Friends and co-workers.

Robert Sanchez

Knowledgeable Yes. Ricardo is my hero!! I am so glad I found him! He was exactly what his company name says…Fast and easy…he is also extremely affordable. Thank you Ricardo!

Darci Johnson

I liked the easy instructions,and the way they were given. Yes Ricardo was a wonderful instructor, and a life saver to me. I knew nothing and he opened my senior eyes to the world of computers. He not only serviced my laptop,but he shared valuable information about my computer, and gave tips on the up keep and maintenance of my computer. In the future he will do all my repairs and regular maintenance on my machine. hes very trust worthy. Thanks Much Ricardo. YOU ARE SUPER”

Ellen Scott

Honesty and after hours support. Yes I would recommend this company for all their computer repairs. Rick is very honest and knows his business inside and out. He truly cares about what he does and pleasing the client.

Christian Yates